Miryam O'Lear

"Miryam truly can do anything she puts her mind to and never fails to impress! Her level of compassion and eye for details really shines through. She went above and beyond for us, every step of the process. Miryam did whatever it took to make us happy and we walked away feeling like we couldn't have been in better hands." - Allison and John

In my free time I love to travel, hike, ski, cook, practice my cello and spend time with my family and friends. I am an avid sunset-watcher, foodie, animal-lover, and adventure-planner. Everyone describes me as very passionate about all these things and the idea of having others experience them as well. When I make something delicious I will drive any distance to deliver it to a friend just to taste. When I find a beautiful hike I will go on it multiple times just to share the experience with people I care about, no matter how many miles it takes or hours I have to drive. With everything in life, my biggest concern seems to be wanting to share the things I love with everyone. I truly do carry out this passion with everything I do in life. 

I believe in holding myself to the highest level of accountability and will do anything in my power to achieve a desired result for my clients. People have always been impressed with my level of customer service because it is genuine, detailed and professional. I love Colorado, I believe it is the greatest place to live in America and nothing makes me happier than to help someone find their perfect home and to feel confident that they are in the hands of someone who truly cares about them. I pride myself in always being available to my clients, and prioritizing their best interests at all times. I am your very best advocate and look forward to helping you realize all of your real estate goals and dreams!